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Fusion Program

Fitness + Bodybuilding + Strength + Power + Injury Prevention

This program combines fitness, strength, and freedom of movement training for a well-rounded approach to physical well-being.

Powerlifting Program

Squat + Bench + Deadlift + Injury Prevention

This program is designed to increase strength in the Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift. We have 3 progressive phases of this program to take you from beginner to competition ready.

Bodybuilding Program

Muscle Mass + Injury Prevention

This program is designed to increase muscle mass.

Our 3 phases of this program are 1) Understanding intensity 2) increasing volume 3) Training in a deficit

Muscular Performance Method Program

Strength + Power + Injury Prevention

The Muscular Performance Method (MPM) program integrates strength, bodybuilding, and explosive power for well-rounded athletic enhancement.

Freedom Program

Minimum Effective Dose + Fusion Plan

This program aims to establish pain-free movement while increasing joint mobility and fitness. It is also considered a minimum effective dose version of the Fusion program

All Programs

All Programs

Gain access to all programs. Take control and change your training to suit how you feel and where you are.

Need something more personal?

Nutrition Services

Performance & Aesthetic Nutrition Coaching

Weekly checkins and regular contact with your coach. Calorie and macronutrient targets with performance nutrition coaching tailored to your needs.

Custom Program Services

?Have a more specific target in mind

You name the goal

We can make it happen

The bolder the better

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